fuckhead performance landesmusiktheater linz 8. mai 2014
Mi. 8. Mai 2014 Landesmusiktheater Linz – Fuckhead Performance C-Print 180x300cm

Katharina Struber’s artistic confrontation focuses on space and collectivity.

Her view of the whole is what becomes apparent in her photos, videos, installations, and interventions in public space.

Struber examines framework conditions, including those of the media that she employs. Her gaze is directed at forms of representation, the relationship of two-dimensionality to three-dimensionality, and social, architectural, and urban space.

Against this conceptual backdrop, the artist develops works in various media and diverse materials that are sensually perceptible and prospects or offers for occupying space. A grappling with the collectivity is reflected in the production of her works. Several of her projects have emerged from collaborations. When asked about this, Struber explains, “Public space is usually set up for shared consumption, producing together is something special, it is a chance to step away from the competition and also the exploitation of creativity.”